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We are a total solution provider for valve manufacturers.

WGSPL is the world's premier manufacturer of extreme wear resistant industrial valve components, covering a wide range of valves and components including Gate, Ball, Butterfly, Globe, Check and more. We have experience in meeting ASTM, AISI, AFS, NACE, and DIN standards. We have stringent quality control procedures at every step in our process to maintain material traceability in the whole manufacturing process. We can manufacture completely machined valve component series, as per your drawings, with various materials, ready to assemble.

Our Production Line Features

Material Used

WCB / A105, F316, F304, F6a, F22, F51, F347, Monel 400, Inconel X-750, Incoloy 800, Hastelloy C-276, MS, F, Ab1, Ab2, Special Alloys or any material as per the customers requirement.

Components Type

Gate Valve Stems, Ball Valve Stems, Ball Valve Balls, Valve Bodies, Valve Seats, Valve Closures, Valve Bonnets, Valve Gland Flanges, Valve Backseats, Stem Nuts, Langes, Seat Rings & Flanges with Hard-Facing, DISC with Hard-Facing, Gland Bush, Backseat Bush, Wedge with Hard-Facing and many more.


WGSPL products are widely used in the chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas ,valve industries and surface coating requirements to handle extreme operating conditions.

Our Product Range

  • Seat Rings

    (Forged)Valve seats are commonly hardfaced with Stellite or any specific customer more

  • Disc

    We offer discs in various specifications as per clients needs and are used with various types of more

  • Others

    Gland Bush, Backseat Bush, Wedge with hard-facing, balls, more

  • Stem

    By forging the T-head, the stem at the stem-wedge connection is more

  • Taper Seat Ring

    High precision Taper Seat Ring with 5° ready (+ -) 2mins or other specific angle against clients more